LDA of Arizona is excited to becoming an active state chapter and we welcome you our new website!

For over 40 years, LDA of AZ has been dedicated to providing programs, practical information for members of the LD community. LDA of AZ is delighted to be offering a state-level conference on April 8, 2017, featuring keynote speaker, Dr.Jim Russell presenting on “The Twice Exceptional Child”.

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Affiliate News

Dyslexic Scottsdale student helps change Arizona law

Click here to read a story about how a Dyslexic Scottsdale student helps change Arizona law.

Providing greater support for students with reading impairments, including dyslexia.

Arizona Literacy Coalition achieves legislative success to provide greater support for students with reading impairments, including dyslexia. Click here to read the full story


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National News

Major New Warning: Toxic Flame Retardants

The Consumer Product Safety Commission warns consumers, especially pregnant women and children, to avoid furniture, kids’ products, electronics, and mattresses that contain certain toxic flame retardants. It’s welcome advice and ...

LDA Weighs in on DACA

One in every five students has learning disabilities. The vision of LDA is to ensure all individuals with LD are empowered to thrive and participate fully in society. This vision ...

Feature Articles

Questions Parents and Educators Can Ask to Start Conversations About Using Terms Like Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, and Dysgraphia

When parents and educators use the same terms to describe a child’s challenges, it’s easier for them to communicate and work together. Parents and educators may have different opinions about ...

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The membership newsletter, LDA Today, offers more information not found on the LDA website. To gain access to this exclusive content and be in the know about current legislation, educational ...